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Services & Pricing
Grooming Rates Include:
Mini Groom
  • Nails clipped 
  • Teeth brushed
  • Ears cleaned & ear hair removed
  • Feet trimmed
  • Eyes trimmed
  • Sanitary trim
  • Warm, massaging bath
  • Thorough brushing
  • Hand drying to fluff coat & remove dead undercoat
  • Bows, bandana, or other finishing touch
  • Treats (with owner's approval)
  • Temporary color on small area or rhinestone art (upon request)
Full Groom
  • Mini Groom package
  • Haircut and style per breed standard or your personal choice

Custom Spa Upgrades:

   Service  Description  Price
   Nail Polish
 Add some color to your pet's nails.  Nail polish available in white, red, pink, orange, green, blue, and glow in the dark.
   Nail Appliques
 Appliques for your pet's nails
   Nail Filing
 Filing nails enables us to get the nails shorter and smooths the sharp edges
 $6 - $8
   Paw Pad & Elbow Cream
 Aids in the care and repair of dry, calloused pads and elbows.  Softens calloused areas and increases the pliability of the pad or elbow, while maintaining the resiliency consistent with normal, healthy tissue
   Color / Creative Grooming
 Temporary hair dye, rhinestones, and glitter used to color the entire coat or add a stenciled picture or symbol on your pet.  Click here to find out more about creative grooming. 
 $5 & up
   Shed-Less Treatment
 Special products and extra brushing will reduce shedding and keep your pet cooler in the summer
 $15 - $50
   Massage  Relieve muscle tension with a relaxing massage
   Facial Scrub
 Tear-less facial cleanser will clean and brighten tear stained faces
   Conditioner  Moisturizes the skin while helping to keep the coat tangle free
 $6 - $10
   Nail Caps for Cats
 The nail caps cover the claw tips so that no damage is done when your cat scratches.  Also, a great way to add some color to your cat's nails  $15 / front or back nails

$25 / all 4 paws
  Fun Photo
 Get a high quality, electronic picture of your freshly groomed pet.  $20

Custom Spa Upgrade Packages:

Pawdicure Package
Nail File, Paw Pad Cream, Foot Massage
Platinum Spa Package
Conditioner, Nail File, 5 Minute Massage

Grooming ra
tes are determined by the size of the pet, the condition of the pet's coat and drying time, the thickness of the coat, the temperament of the pet, and the grooming style requested.  Pricing includes 15-45 min of drying time, depending on the size of your pet.  Grooming rates are based on the pet being groomed every 4-6 weeks with no mats, good temperament and routine pet grooming style.  These prices are estimates only. 

*Shaved / Clean Feet is an additional $8-$20
   Mini Groom
 Full Groom
 Cats  $65-$75  $95-$105
 X-Small Dogs (0-20 lbs)  $55-$68
 Small Dogs (21-35 lbs)  $60-$78
 Medium Dogs (26-50 lbs)  $65-$105
 Large Dogs (50-75 lbs)  $70-$120  $118-$148
 X-Large Dogs (76-100 lbs)  $80-$135  $135-$165
 Giant Dogs (101-125 lbs)  $95-$165  $145-$170
 Giant Dogs (126+ lbs)  $100-$190  $150-$180

Additional Charges:
De-matting/Undercoat Removal:  $100 per hour
Tick Removal:  $1 per tick over 3 ticks
Flea Bath:  $10-$15
De-Skunk:  $20
Anal Sac Expression:  $7
Medicated Bath:  $1 per minute of soaking time per your shampoo's instructions
Emergency/After Hours Visit:  $35 per pet (availability varies)
Additional time/Special Handling:  $100 per hour
Additional drying time: $80 per hour

Custom Options:

      Custom options such as nail trimming, ear cleaning, or brushing only (no bath or haircut) are available.  Prices start at $28.  

A righteous man cares for the needs of his animal, but the kindest acts of the wicked are cruel. (Proverbs 12:10)

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